Who We Are

Neighborhood House is a community center serving Portland, one of Louisville’s oldest and most diverse, but also most impoverished communities.

Our mission is to provide individuals with opportunities to enhance the quality of their lives.

Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty for our children and families!

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Our Story-Neighborhood House

The Portland Neighborhood

In its early days, Portland was a bustling town that attracted a lot of business along the Ohio River. But today Portland faces significant challenges.

-          Nearly 40% of households live on $15,000/year or less.

-          3 out of 5 families are headed by a single parent.

-          More than half of all Portland children live in poverty (less than $24,000 per year for a family of 4).

-          35% of adults do not have a high school diploma.

Children growing up in Portland encounter many barriers to success, including poverty, drugs and crime.  As a result, they are not exposed to and cannot imagine the possibilities the world outside offers. The grip of generational poverty is strong.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.   We believe that the cycle of poverty in Portland can be broken.  And we believe education is the most important key!

What We’re Doing

Neighborhood House has focused on education for more than 100 years. The birthplace of Louisville’s first kindergarten is now home to four core programs that, together, deliver lifelong learning: the Child Development Center, the Youth Development Program, the Four Seasons Senior Program and Family Services.


Privacy Statement
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