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Through Family Services, we provide a variety of resources and activities to support adults and families in our neighborhood. Our Family Advocate works with individuals to help them develop and achieve goals to improve the quality of their lives. The program provides health and wellness activities, family engagement opportunities to support strengthening of our families and operates an Emergency Food Bank.

LIFE NEEDS: Our Emergency Food Bank assists individuals in need of emergency food resources. Last year we provided assistance to over 2,400 individuals of which 800 were children.

LIFE SKILLS: Family Services provides healthy cooking classes, financial literacy training and coaching.

LIFE DREAMS: We work with the adults in our community to help them establish goals to achieve their dreams.

Specific Activities:

Emergency Food Bank – Our Emergency Food Bank , made possible by a partnership with Dare to Care.

Health Screenings – We host healthcare providers, like Norton Cancer Institute, to provide free cancer, diabetes, COPD and other health screenings throughout the year.

Parent-Teacher Meetings – Many Portland youth attend schools outside the neighborhood. We partner with schools to host back-to-school and other on-site opportunities for parents and students. These are often the only opportunities parents with limited access to transportation have to meet their child’s teacher.

Civic Leadership Activities – Neighborhood House often hosts community forums with local city and state leaders, enabling residents to voice their concerns and hear directly from the representatives in local government.

Family Engagement – We provide opportunities for families to participate alongside each other and with their children in both recreational and educational activities. We hold monthly Dance Fitness and Cooking classes that are free to parents and other adults in our neighborhood. Our first Community Block Party/Back to School Bash was recently held which brought over 450 parents, young adults, children and senior adults to Neighborhood House for an afternoon of fun and access to resources such as health insurance and employment opportunities.

How We Make a Difference

  • We fed over 2,400 individuals through our Emergency Food Bank last year (800 were children).
  • We are helping parents and adults set goals to improve the financial stability of their family.
  • We have helped individuals avoid homelessness, get their GED, start a business, go back to college, obtain a higher paying job).
  • By helping individuals break the cycle of poverty, we are making a positive impact on the health of our community (people living in poverty have higher rates of disability and chronic illnesses and shorter life expectancies).
  • We are bringing in health and wellness education and activities to an area with an incidence of heart disease or diabetes that is twice that in the larger Louisville metropolitan community.

Stories and Testimonies

Ms. Jackie Biven has been part of the Neighborhood House family for years. Her children attended the Child Development Center and Jackie has become a very involved parent volunteer helping with numerous community events. When she was younger, she made bad financial decisions that jeopardized the financial stability of her family. But these decisions were made from lack of knowledge. Jackie began working with our Family Services team and set goals to become more financially stable. She worked on her credit score, learned budgeting and other important financial skills. Today, Jackie is a successful hairdresser who is on her way to opening her own business. Her success story led her to be featured in Business First.

Your Dollars at Work

  • $25 provides a month of health-focused classes for an adult
  • $100 covers the weekly cost of our Emergency Food Bank (helps insure we can be open 5 days a week)
  • $250 provides four weekly meetings for an adult or parent to meet with our Family Advocate and set goals to improve the quality of their life.

For more information, contact Martha Fuson, at 502.774.2322 or MFuson@nhky.org

Did you know

Did you know?

$54 pays for a month’s supply of healthy snacks for our preschoolers

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