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The Four Seasons Program improves the quality of life for some of our neighborhood’s most vulnerable citizens – senior adults. Our program supports physical and emotional health as well as independence for our senior adults.

LIFE NEEDS: Our program provides seniors with the opportunity to engage with their peers and receive a hot nutritious lunch five days a week. This is vital to their welfare given that many live alone and do not have family near-by. We also partner with outside health organizations who provide key health assessments to our seniors.

LIFE SKILLS: Our seniors receive health and wellness education to support a higher quality of life. They learn about healthy eating and how to better manage health issues including diabetes and heart disease through diet. We provide cooking classes which teach healthy and low-budget recipes that they can replicate at home as well as weekly exercise classes.

LIFE DREAMS: Our seniors want to maintain their independence. Our program is supporting their emotional health, mental agility, and improved quality of life, and teaching them skills that support their continued independence.

NH-SeniorsSpecific Activities:

Daily Lunch – Our senior adults receive a warm, nutritious lunch five days per week made possible by Louisville Metro Government Nutrition.

Fitness Classes – We offer exercise classes led by an instructor with expertise in healthy exercises for seniors to improve their overall health.

Monthly Outings – Educational and recreational outings that have included the Newport Aquarium, weekend fishing, Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant and intergenerational trips which most recently included a trip for our children, families and senior adults to Oxmoor Farm.

Bingo – Bingo is a favorite activity for our senior adults who enjoy a game every Tuesday

and Thursday and play for prizes like shampoo, toiletries, paper towels and other basic household needs which helps our seniors living on limited fixed incomes.

Dances and Parties – An annual Valentine’s Day Dance, Thanksgiving Dinner and participation in Neighborhood House events such as Preschool Graduation and the Block Party/Back to School Bash.

Cooking Class – Monthly cooking classes that focus on healthy budget friendly menus.

Inter-generational Activities – Many of our senior adults enjoy opportunities to interact with our children and teens through art, recreational activities and holiday parties.

Tai Chi – Our newly introduced Tai Chi classes are offered weekly through instructor Mfundishi Baba. Please see the video below for more information.

How We Make a Difference

  • Seniors who are part of active social networks are healthier mentally and physically.
  • Seniors who are lonely are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. They are also more at risk for heart disease.
  • Seniors who feel useful to others report better psychological and social well-being.
  • 95% of our senior adults report an improved quality of life as a result of our Four Seasons program!

Story and Testimony

When Ms. Doris started coming to Neighborhood House, she was quiet and kept to herself. Once she developed a relationship of trust with a staff member, she shared that she lived with her daughter who was taking her social security checks. With the support of her family here at Neighborhood House, she felt empowered to take control of her life. Today she lives on her own, is a leader in our Four Seasons program, and, in her words, to show her independence to the world “I colored my hair red!”

NH-Seniors-DanceYour Dollars at Work

  • $25 will purchase supplies for a crafts activity for our seniors.
  • $50 will fund a month of exercise and cooking classes for a senior adult
  • $100 will provide a weekly visit by an art therapist or nutrition counselor
  • $500 will fund day trip excursion to nearby city for sightseeing, show and sit down restaurant meal for 15 senior adults

For more information, contact Janet Cherry, Four Seasons Coordinator at 502.774.2322 or



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Did you know

Did you know?

$54 pays for a month’s supply of healthy snacks for our preschoolers

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