events Learning and Connecting in "Bro Club"
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Learning and Connecting in "Bro Club"

Our Youth Development Program supports vulnerable youth age six through 18, making sure they have access to the resources and opportunities they need to learn, grow and thrive. Mr. Landon, Our Teen Coordinator, was recently inspired to start “Bro Club” after an interaction with Dante, one of the young men in our program.

Dante’s school uniform requires him to wear a blazer and necktie every day. He is a smart, strong-willed young man who -- like many children his age -- can sometimes struggle with listening to the rules. Mr. Landon spent some time building a positive relationship and mentoring him, during which time he taught Dante how to tie a necktie.

After that, Dante shared this skill with the other members of the newly formed “Bro Club,” providing him with an opportunity to practice public speaking skills and receive well-earned praise from adults and his peers. This interaction boosted his self-confidence, strengthened his relationship with Landon and provided him with a practical skill he will use many times over.