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Circle of Changemakers

Though filled with unforeseen challenges, there have been so many times throughout the year that the generosity of others has stopped us in our tracks, like the people who have signed up to support us by making a monthly gift. These are the first in our newest group - the Circle of Changemakers.

Making a monthly gift is one of the best ways you can support our work - knowing we can rely on you better enables us to make long-term plans in all of our program areas.

We’re excited to share more about the Changemakers with you in the coming weeks, like a founding member gift and special ways we’ll be highlighting this committed group. Please consider joining the Circle of Changemakers. If you do so by Dec. 1st you’ll always have a special place in our heart as a founding Changemaker.

You can sign up here ( by checking box that says, "Show my support by making this a recurring donation."

Circle of Changemakers