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Four Seasons Senior Care

A 2017 study ranked Kentucky last in the nation for providing seniors with the support and services they need to maintain a quality of life. Neighborhood House’s Four Seasons program works to correct that, ensuring that these vulnerable members of our community remain active and engaged with a support system.

Daily Lunch – The Metro Senior Nutrition program is the cornerstone of the Four Seasons, providing our seniors with nutritious lunches daily.

Field Trips – Educational and recreational outings that have included the Newport Aquarium, local stores, fishing, Joe Huber’s Family Farm and other restaurants.

Bingo – One of our most popular activities, seniors enjoy games every Tuesday and Thursday. The friendly competition includes prizes for things like shampoo, toiletries, paper towels and other basic household items, which helps low-income seniors living on limited fixed incomes.

Dances and Parties – Our Four Seasons program participants take part in special parties for the Kentucky Derby, Christmas and Thanksgiving, where they are joined by our youngest members from our Child Development Center for a full turkey dinner.

Classes - Opportunities for ongoing learning have included healthy cooking, fitness, nutrition, medication management, home safety and music therapy.

Intergenerational Activities

Many of our senior adults enjoy interacting with Neighborhood House’s children and teenage members. Intergenerational activities have at times included art therapy, holiday parties, special meals, monthly birthday parties and field trips.

While these activities are pre-planned and scheduled, our young learners have been known to wave, make silly faces or drop in to say hi as they walk by on the way to the playground.

These interactions and shared programs promote intergenerational bonds that are mutually beneficial to both the child and the adult. A 2014 study by the Stanford Institute of Aging concluded that meaningful connections between people of different generations has a positive effect on both people involved, cultivating a sense of self-worth in the youth and feelings of fulfillment in the senior. Research tells us that strong social ties result in a longer life expectancy and better overall health. Many of our members live alone, without family members upon whom they can rely for critical social interaction. Many come to rely on Neighborhood House for the familial support, companionship and resources they find with one another and staff.

How We Make a Difference

  • Seniors who are part of active social networks are healthier mentally and physically.

  • Seniors who are lonely are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and have a higher risk of developing heart disease.

  • Seniors who feel useful to others report better psychological and social well-being.

For more information, contact Janet Cherry, Four Seasons Coordinator at 502.774.2322 or